For several years now, the cooperative has adopted a growth strategy that reconciles job opportunities and autonomy for people in precarious circumstances with the cooperative’s organisational and commercial development. The strategy-building path completed in 2017 was shared with a large group of workers to obtain different points of view and widespread collaboration. This was done in a number of stages:
1 – Assessment of a series of NEEDS of the local area and people emerging out of a shared project involving 40 members
2 – Listing of the needs the coop can respond to and association with a series of values which can be refined to reduce them to an essential series of three:
3 – Agreement on a definition of the 3 selected values for inclusion in the
cooperative’s MISSION, updating it
4 – Board of Directors’ analysis of how the cooperative currently addresses these 3  asic values and extrapolation of 3 general strategic goals used to GIVE SUBSTANTIAL FORM TO THE 3 BASIC VALUES of the cooperative for the next 3-5 years [Knowledge-Governance-Reputation]
5 – Non-exhaustive list of possible TOOLS, divided by goal, for use in the cooperative’s everyday work
6 – This will allow the cooperative to make decisions regarding social and business policy, which are assessed on a case-by-case basis in terms of both ECONOMIC and SOCIAL IMPACT.

Becoming a territorial problem-solving, technological and social platform for the public authorities and for organised civic society. Shared mapping, improvement and systematic use of the networks we belong to or would like to belong to. Improvement/design (R&D) for application to traditional services.
Improvement/design (R&D) applied to new services in the areas of environment, social responsibility (A) and agriculture. Improvement of external training and extension of in-house social, cooperative, technical and technological instruction programmes. Acquisition and systematic sharing of information on regulatory developments of interest to us. Acquisition and in-house sharing of knowledge in areas of interest to us. Focusing R&D on responding to requirements and measuring usefulness

Extension of the capacity for vision and efficacy throughout the cooperative. participation of the member base in solving problems within the cooperative and outside it.
Reviewing the organisation of the cooperative (tasks, career…). Focusing on and improving the atmosphere within the cooperative. Discussing policy

Focusing on the indirect gains to be had from certain initiatives. Improving, increasing and maintaining external and internal communications. Codifying our social, cooperative, technical and technological way of doing business. Improving communication about the package of products and services we offer. Enhancing / increasing / systematically organising knowledge of our local community and land