Social reporting

In the year 2017 La Città Verde participated as a pioneering cooperative in the “L’impatto conta – Rendiconta l’impatto” (“Impact counts – Report on impact”) project promoted in the Rete 14 Luglio network by a work team consisting of 6 social cooperatives and consortia in 3 regions (Piedmont – Emilia Romagna and Tuscany).
The project’s purpose is to report on the impact of the cooperatives’ actions in terms of benefits and well-being for the whole area.
The methodology provides for description of items and indicators in relation to which change could be generated by the cooperative’s activities. The system actually begins with analysis of the areas in which the cooperative
believes it generates an impact, organising them hierarchically on the basis of their critical importance for the area. The local value matrix appearing below shows the goals for Fair, Sustainable Well-being (FSW) which have a high impact for the cooperative and are priorities for stakeholders, generating direct impact on the local community, in the top right-hand corner.
Issues of importance for stakeholders in areas in which the cooperative has a major impact are shown in ORANGE, while issues given high priority by the local community by stakeholders in which the cooperative has only an indirect impact because they are not directly its concern (Security) are shown in GREEN.

How we contribute to change…
We create stable employment for people who, in many cases, would not otherwise have opportunities for lawful ongoing employment (72.5% of permanent contracts of employment). We offer access to the labour market on the basis of principles of fairness and freedom from discrimination (55 of the 116 workers hired as of 31.12.2017 come from disadvantaged categories). We seek organisational solutions responding to the individual requirements of each person, with respect for their life/work balance (the best contractual solution for worker is determined on the
basis of their skills and requirements, considering all requests for schedule changes from full time to part time
and vice versa; working hours are agreed on with workers whenever possible).

How we contribute to change…
We contribute to improvement of quality in the local community, providing services with a direct impact on the places we work in. All services provided are certified under standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, BS OHSAS 18001:2007

How we contributeto change…
We contribute to prevention and reduction of environmental pollution (our photovoltaic installation produced more than 226,000 Kwh in 2017). We facilitate the distribution of models of the circular economy (construction of a composting and waste recovery system). We limit the environmental impact of our services by
implementing a policy for the purchase of vehicles and equipment with reduced environmental impact (such as natural gas-fuelled lorries and electric quads…)