1991 Mondoverde was established as a farming cooperative providing gardening and manual street-sweeping services with the specific goal of offering job opportunities for disadvantaged persons in a situation of real-world employment with protection
1994 – registration in the regional list of job placement social cooperatives (section B)
1997 – name change from Mondoverde to La Città Verde
2003 – opening of a location in Ferrara and establishment of the street furnishings division
2004 social and educational services (section A) are provided alongside job placement to permit job opportunities to be offered to users with a reduced ability to work
2008 – acquisition of a non-hazardous waste processing plant in Bevilacqua, in the municipality of Crevalcore
2010 – merger with the social cooperative
Terra Ferma in Ferrara
2014 – renovation of greenhouses in the Ferrara plant and
start of the social farming project, diversifying the range of social and employment opportunities
on offer
2016 – opening of a composting and chip production plant
2017 – participation in ExpoAstana (Kazakhstan) on
the theme of “Energy for the future”, with the delegation from the Region of Emilia-Romagna