The cooperative’s mission is construction and MISSION development of COMMON GOODS, supplying quality services and products at a fair price in the areas of gardening, waste management and treatment, installation and maintenance of street furnishings and social farming, while at the same time creating opportunities for WORK, employment, socialisation and integration, primarily targeting the disadvantaged. As a social cooperative, we believe it is indispensable to:
1 – Maintain a bond with the place of origin of the people who work with the cooperative in order to help them build a career path tied to their own overall personal well-being.
2 – Consolidate the relationship of trust and collaboration with customers and citizens.
3 – Constantly focus on INNOVATION by promoting targeted, recurrent training programmes, coming up with alternative solutions to problems and adapting activities in response to technological and social evolution so as to supply products and services that contribute to improvement of citizens’ well-being.
4 – Supply products and services compatible with the environment and the health of workers and